Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

Hi Beauties! Today I am going to be reviewing the Maybelline Baby Lips (Around $4, any drugstore) I am absolutely ADORE these lip balms, and can’t wait to share them with you!

Baby Lips have been a pretty popular item recently, drawing people in with their fun colors, scents, and packaging. They are moisturizing chapsticks in a variety of shades!

At first, I thought they were just chapsticks, with not-so-great pigmentation and a chalky texture. But I was completely wrong! I decided to pick one up (the Peppermint one) before a ski trip, because I needed a new chapstick, especially one with SPF (Baby Lips have SPF 20). Once I tried it, I immediately loved it. They are moisturizing, smooth, and simply amazing! I was obsessed.

Once I got back from the ski trip, I picked up two more (the Cherry and Grape ones). These two are tinted, and are just as good as the Peppermint one. They provide a sheer wash of color, that is perfect for everyday use. They last long, and are super moisturizing, too!

Baby Lips are my new favorite lip balms, FOR SURE. They are affordable, moisturizing, they have SPF (which is hard to find!) and make me happy with their bright colors and packaging. The ones I own are Peppermint, Cherry Me, and Grape Vine.

I definitely recommend these, and suggest checking out your local drugstore for them! I included some pictures down below of the Baby Lips, and tell me in the comments if you like Baby Lips, and which colors I should try next!

Baby Lips

xo, Summer

Baby Lips

Baby Lips in Grape Vine

Baby Lips in Peppermint

Baby Lips in Cherry Me


Review: butter LONDON Teddy Girl Nail Lacquer

Hi beauties! So today I am doing a review on the butter LONDON Teddy Girl Nail Lacquer ($14,

I bought this polish along with a few others off the butter LONDON website, to see what all the hype about these new polishes was all about! These were, in my opinion, super expensive for just one bottle of polish, but now I can tell you myself that it is TOTALLY worth it!

Teddy Girl is a light pastel-y pink color that applies like a dream! It doesn’t streak, it is so easy to apply, and in just two coats it is full opaque. The color is very light and airy, and is the perfect way to start off spring!

I am absolutely in LOVE with this color! I’ve gotta say, it definitely beats my Essie Fiji AND Essie Ballet Slippers, which have been a few all time staple baby pinks of mine!

This color is perfect for the warmer seasons to come, and will especially look good with a tan 🙂 I’ve taken a few pictures of the polish on my nails below, and of the bottle itself. Tell me in the comments what you think of the color, and if you’ve tried any other butter LONDON colors!  Hope you enjoy!

xo, Summer

Teddy Girl in the Bottle

Teddy Girl Label

Teddy Girl On My Nails

Hello beauties!

My name is Summer, and I’ve created this blog to share with you all my tricks in the beauty world.

I believe in effortless beauty, keeping it natural yet glamorous (hence, “Natural Glamour”), and that will be the basis of this blog! I hope that you will find your beauty needs here, and be sure to comment and tell me what you would like to see on my next post. 🙂

So, here’s a bit about meee :

I adore art, and I take art classes on the weekends. I’m also really into writing, (short stories, poems, I write it all!) I am pretty sporty, and I love hanging out with my friends. I like laughing, tanning, shopping, and spending hours putting together outfits. I like my cat, I like my bearded dragon (don’t ask…) I like makeup, and painting my nails. I like eating, eating  A LOT. I like watching Family Guy, the Office, and oh my god, i LOVE the OC (haha yes and my real name is Summer, and I am also in love with Seth Cohen!) I like traveling, and my goal is to be fluent in French by the end of high school! I’m English, and  hope to move back to London for university. I like making people laugh, dancing and singing, even though I can’t really do either…. 🙂 I like playing the drums, and the guitar, and the piano, and I love going to the mall with my sister.

So there are like 20 RANDOM facts about me, I hope you get a sense of the person I am, and the kind of blog I am here to make!










Enjoy! xo, Summer